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Design Bring your merch, promo items or album art ideas to life.
Connect Create content for your social media posts, ad campaigns, Spotify Canvas’ and more.
Video Content Hire an editor or animator to create visuals for your music.
eCommerce Build your website or run a crowdfunding campaign.
Advertise Run an effective digital ad campaign to promote your music or merch store.
Get Playlisted Hire a marketing specialist to pitch your music to playlists.
PR & Digital Marketing Find the right publicist to pitch your music for features, reviews or premieres with tastemakers.
Press Photos Hire a pro to take your new band photos.

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"Needing a graphic artist for one of our vinyl re-issue campaigns, we found, hired and paid a designer through and couldn't be happier with the result. Finally a full service platform that’s painless to use."
SideOneDummy Records
Thomas Dreux
"The platform was really helpful for me when I was trying to find a photographer in a city where I don’t really know anyone and wouldn't know where to start looking. Once hired, payment was simple and easy. I will definitely use the platform again."
Courtnay Newman
"First gig completed and with ease! Great experience from start to finish with open communication, quick and easy payment, and most importantly fun. Client communication was instant and direct with very clear project details and set deadlines that were met in a timely manner. Payment was simple, direct, and quick with no lags—just the way it should be."
Buske Design
Jonathan Buske