About Us

indie.ninja is a New York City based company founded in 2017 by Laurens Kusters, Bill Wilson and Gus Mavromoustakos.

indie.ninja connects “indies”; artists, managers, labels, to a curated network of “ninjas”- professionals ranging from live crew, designers, marketing and promo teams, accountants and everything in-between.

Finding an experienced rock publicist in North America, a guitar tech in Germany or a t-shirt designer that understands metal, are some of the challenges the independent community faces. That’s where “indie.ninja” comes to the rescue.

Every indie needs a ninja!!

The Team

Laurens Kusters


A music executive with over 25 years of global label operations, music publishing and artist management experience. As the founder of I Scream Records, Laurens led the company to become a globally recognized independent label. He currently manages actively touring and working bands, such as - NYC hardcore legends Sick Of It All and Boston’s Street Dogs.

Bill Wilson


A well-connected music industry professional and speaker with over two decades of experience working in varied roles within independent and major record labels, internet ventures, and mobile content. After founding his own ongoing indie label, Blackout! Records in 1989, Wilson has also held positions at Relativity Records, Caroline, Earache Records, MCA, Cellfish Media, and Atlantic Records and is currently VP of Digital Strategy at The Music Business Association.

Gus Mavromoustakos

Technical Co-founder

A techie/entrepreneur, with over 18 years of experience in development and team leadership. Gus has managed large scale projects and has a passion for coming up with technical solutions for modern day problems. When not down the coding rabbit hole, you can look for him snowboarding or riding his motorcycle or taking his Pit Bull, Annie for walks.

Ray Canapini

Creative Director

Ray brings over 15 years of experience in advertising, entertainment and creative tech. He’s best known for his award winning work on the music streaming series Unstaged by American Express. His collaborations with artists such as Coldplay, Jay-Z, Usher and The Killers alongside with film directors like Werner Herzog, Hamilton Fish and Anton Corbijn has helped redefine what fan participation could mean in a digital era. Ray’s experience and background brings unique value in bridging brand, product design, tech and user experience.

Press Contact: Laurie Jakobsen/ Jaybird PR